Day: November 3, 2023


What Is Wetpour Surface?

Wetpour Surface

Wetpour Surface, or poured in place (PIP) rubber safety surfaces, are a soft and shock-absorbent surface that prevents major injuries from falls by absorbing impact. It is a highly durable, safe and mold-resistant material that is also easy to clean, making it perfect for children’s playgrounds. It is a non-slip surface and has passed Critical Fall Height tests, as well as flammability, indentation and abrasive wear.

We are able to install this surface in a variety of colours, meaning you can choose to match it to your existing equipment or have it built into the design of the playground. It is a two-layered system that has an SBR base layer and a top layer of recycled EPDM granules. The softer base layer acts as a shockpad to protect against major injury, and the top EPDM layer is tough and durable.

Eco-Friendly Options: Exploring Sustainable Wetpour Surfaces

This surfacing can be laid in any shape and is available in a wide range of attractive colours. It is highly impact-absorbing and suitable for any playground flooring or even multi-use games areas (MUGAS). It can be laid on an existing tarmac, concrete or MOT type 1 stone base to provide a continuous surface free from joins – in exceptional circumstances on large areas one joint may be required.

It is also wheelchair friendly, so it’s a great option for schools where inclusivity and accessibility are important factors. It’s also a great choice for daily mile tracks, as it can be installed as a porous surface which means that water will drain straight through to the sub base, rather than pooling on the track and offering slip hazards.


Dead On Electrical Services

Contact Us for Electrical Help  are the unsung heroes of our modern world, keeping homes, businesses and industries powered and safe. They can troubleshoot complex electrical issues and install new systems, ensuring that all work meets strict safety standards and codes.

When choosing a residential electrical contractor, make sure they are licensed and insured. You should also read customer reviews to see if they were satisfied with the contractor’s scheduling, professionalism and pricing. Look for mentions of training and certification on their website or business profiles.

The Future of Power: Innovations in Electrical Services in Las Vegas

The price range for a residential electrical repair or installation is $75 to $150 per hour. Some contractors may charge a service fee or have a minimum service call charge to cover travel expenses, small parts and other minor costs. Depending on the type of electrical work you need, some projects require a permit before starting; consult your local government for more information.

Having an older electrical panel is often one of the leading causes of high energy bills in homes and commercial properties. An updated panel will increase energy efficiency and decrease your monthly electric bills. Dead On Electrical Services specializes in electrical panel replacements in Las Vegas for both home and commercial properties. They can also add new wiring to your existing panels and upgrade the outlets throughout your home. This will increase the amount of power that is available to each outlet, decreasing the likelihood of overloading. This will also improve your house’s overall safety and security.