Day: August 5, 2023


How to Buy a Gold Jewellery Set

gold jewellery set

Gold jewellery sets are a classic mainstay for weddings, festivals and other traditional occasions. The jewellery comprises a necklace, earrings and a bracelet that are all made of gold. The jewellery can either be plain or studded with precious stones. The set looks grand with a simple saree or any other western attire. Generally, Kundan jewellery is preferred for weddings as it contains expensive green, maroon or red and white gems in gold. The other types of jewellery in gold are rings, chains, hand chains, pendants, earrings and headpieces. Read more

14K gold is a durable and affordable option that is ideal for engagement rings, earrings, pendants and other fine jewelry pieces. It also works well for men’s wedding bands. The color of the gold should largely depend on your personal preference, skin tone and current fashion trends. However, keep in mind that a higher karat number indicates a higher purity level but a lower durability factor.

The Art of Luxury: Exploring the World of Gold Jewellery Sets

In addition to determining a piece’s karat, you can also look for a stamp indicating the metal composition of the jewellery. The stamp will usually be on the packaging of the piece or near its hallmark mark. The most common types of gold alloys are copper, zinc and nickel. The karatage of the jewellery can be calculated using the formula: 14 Karat Gold = 583 grams.

In order to keep your jewellery looking shiny and bright, you can polish them with a soft cloth. Avoid using any abrasive cleaners or brushes as they may damage the gold. You should also avoid wearing your jewellery in water or in harsh environments. Also, it is advisable to store them separately so that they don’t get scratched or damaged.