DJ Short Seeds Review – Blueberry by DJ Short

Dj short seeds has been described as the Willy Wonka of pot, the Wizard of Weed and the Cannabis Professor – all of which are perfectly fitting names for someone who is so passionate about marijuana alchemy. He has been breeding strains for over five decades, putting his heart and soul into every single batch of seeds. His strains are widely known, respected and loved in cannabis circles all over the world.

Who is the world’s largest seed supplier?

The breeder has always focused on taste, smell and high before worrying about yields or THC levels. He prefers to work with a limited range of strains and believes that this allows him to focus more on each batch and improve the quality.

He began cultivating a range of Sativa and Indica plants in his Oregon garden back in 1978. He started experimenting with his own strains and crossing them together to create some pretty special specimens. One of his most iconic creations is Blueberry, a sativa-dominant hybrid with a delicious fruity aroma and some very powerful relaxation effects.

This cannabis strain is not for novice growers as it can be quite difficult to master. However, if you are confident in your skills and have some experience growing other strains, then cultivating this one should be relatively easy for you. It also responds well to the Sea of Green method when grown indoors, and it can be cultivated outdoors in a tropical-like climate.

DJ Short Blueberry is a well-loved strain that’s popular among consumers for its intensely relaxing and blissful effects. It starts off with a rush of euphoric and uplifting head high, which gradually fades into some deep and profound sedative body effects.


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