Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaner Chemical

carpet cleaner chemical

There are several types of carpet cleaner chemical that you can use to clean your home or business. Choosing the right one can help your carpet last longer and prevent future staining.

Getting the right pH level for your carpet is important. Most stains are alkaline and your carpet is slightly acidic, so you need to use a cleaning product that has a high enough pH number to remove the odors and make your carpet look its best.

If you are going to be using a carpet cleaner chemical, choose one that is made with safe, non-toxic ingredients and doesn’t release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs have short- or long-term adverse health effects–including eye, nose and throat irritation, respiratory tract irritation, and damaging the liver and kidneys.

Avoid chemicals that contain optical brighteners: These specialized dyes can be used to make your carpet appear brighter than it actually is, but they can cause permanent discoloration and damage the fibers of your carpet.

Beware of strong cleaning agents: These are usually too aggressive and can damage your carpet fibers. They can also leave a residue that causes re-soiling.

The Science Behind Carpet Cleaner Chemicals: How They Work to Remove Stains and Odors

A good carpet cleaning product should have a pH of between 7 and 8 in diluted form, so it is not too harsh on your carpet fibers. It should also not have any strong abrasives in it to break down the fibers and remove stains or treatments.

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