Custom Text – A Powerful Tool for Addressing Customer Needs With the Right Messaging

Custom Text is a powerful tool for addressing specific customer needs with the right messaging. Whether you’re sending an appointment reminder, sending a link to a product you’re offering or simply saying thanks for a purchase, custom text is a quick and effective way to get your message out to your customers.

Custom text  allows you to create text elements that are inserted in place of pre-existing text, including blockquotes, button labels, image captions and speech bubbles. These text elements can be positioned in various ways, from being able to wrap around an object or the contours of an image frame, to being able to have an opacity gradient that can be used to tint your content.

Custom Text: How to Use Typography to Create Unique and Memorable Designs for Your Brand, Business, or Personal Projects

Creating custom text is simple, and can help you keep your messaging consistent and professional. It’s also helpful when creating a template for sending customized messages to multiple customers.

You can also use custom text to route tickets by language and topic. This is often an important part of triaging and ensuring fast response times to support questions.

Building a custom text classification model is a great way to make your text data more valuable by enabling machine learning intelligence to automatically classify text into classes that you’ve predefined. For example, a topic labeling model can be built to help organize customer feedback by topic or a language detection model can be used to route support queries to the appropriate team based on their language.


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