How Long Does Edible THC Last?

How long does edibles last?

Cannabis-infused goods, like gummies and candies, are popular among consumers. But while the THC in these products does not expire, their shelf life is affected by several factors that can make them stale or lose potency over time.

Expired Food Goes Bad

A good rule of thumb is to avoid do edibles expire a product that is past its prime. It won’t make you sick, but it may have a funky taste or moldy residue. It will also likely be less effective than the edible it was paired with, which can cause you to feel sleepy instead of high.

Keeping Your Edibles Fresh and Strong

In addition to the ingredients in your edibles, their packaging also plays a part in how long they will stay fresh and strong. Keep your weed goodies in airtight containers to prevent oxygen from degrading the THC inside.

Expired Milk and Other Perishable Ingredients

The same principle applies to dairy products and other perishables in edibles. These items will typically go bad in a few days or weeks, whereas non-perishable ingredients will usually keep for longer.

Depending on the ingredients, you can expect to consume your infused edibles up to a year after the date of their expiration. The amount of THC you consume should remain the same, but over time, it will degrade and become less potent, as the compound converts to a cannabinoid called CBN that does not have psychoactive properties.


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