IPQualityScore Email Verification API Review

IPQualityScore email verification

IPQualityScore email verification is the leading email verification and reputation scoring service, providing enterprise grade fraud prevention, risk analysis, and threat detection. They offer a wide range of data modules for all industries and businesses, from small business marketers to large enterprises.

The IPQS API provides a simple way to verify emails across any mail server, regardless of country or provider. This is essential for improving your email deliverability by removing bad users, spam traps, and complaints.

Verify an email address with the IPQS email verification API to instantly confirm its existence & quality. This service performs hundreds of syntax & DNS checks to determine if the mail address is valid & able to receive incoming messages.

In addition to checking that the email address exists, IPQS also checks to see if it belongs to a temporary or disposable mail service – commonly associated with fraudulent activities. This allows you to stop bogus registrations, improve your user base, and reduce the overall cost of your website.

Premium Account Feature:

Why IPQualityScore Email Verification is Crucial for Your Business’s Success

IPQS offers a range of different detection rates depending on your requirements. The “recent_abuse” data point gives you a higher confidence in the abuse risk of an IP address, while the “suspicious URL” data point indicates if the domain is suspected to be malicious or used for phishing or abuse.

These detection rates are crucial for ensuring that the spam filters and firewalls are not blocking your verification attempts. They also provide you with a real-time view of your validation success & failures, helping you to optimize your email campaigns and avoid losing valuable customer data.


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