Day: July 12, 2021

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Changing Your Wireless Router’s Password – Very Easy Way to Do It

Your router’s Ethernet port settings will probably tell you the IP address of your wireless router or access point, but the real configuration of your wireless Router Hax is behind those numbers. For instance, you may have a WEP key, which sets up a security feature in your network that requires your SSID (first network name) and a randomly-generated username for logon purposes. With the default username and password, if you change your network settings–usually by hitting the “forward” and “back” buttons on your keyboard multiple times without having saved your current settings–your username and password will be changed to something else, resulting in a whole new login. And if you don’t remember your new, hard-to-remember username and password, you won’t be able to logon to your router. You will also lose any saved settings you had for your wireless network.

Using Your Default Network Gateway to Log Into the Internet

But you don’t need to worry about losing any important settings because you can always use a program like Cisco’s WAP Server to reset or repair any of those errors that might have made it into your router’s logon page. (If your router has more than one internal or external wireless network connection, you should look into using the Windows Smart Card driver.) The WAP Server software tool will scan your PC for any unwanted or infected settings that might be making it into the logon page of your wireless network connection. It will then list the setting that you want to modify or remove. You can select to restore any specific setting, or you can choose to remove all of them.

You may need to reboot your computer after you run the WAP Server on your computer to complete the process. Once your router has been reset or repaired, you should set up your wireless router again in the normal fashion. Then, if you’re still having problems logging in to your router, don’t hesitate to try a simple internet browser instead of using your PC’s login prompt. This simple step should work just as well as if you had reset your router’s password with the WAP Server.