Pasma Training Courses

If you have been offered a job with a mobile tower company and want to know more about Plasma technology then there are two ways of getting the information you are looking for. One way is by looking online or through the mobile phone book for more information on Pasma training courses. Another way is to contact your chosen company directly to find out more about their particular product and how they go about training their staff. Both ways should give you a good idea of what you will be taught and the level of education that will be provided before you start working for one of the Pasma companies.

The Quickest & Easiest Way To Pasma Training Courses

What exactly is a Pasma course? Pasma is the abbreviated form of ‘Passive Infrared Monitoring.’ The term plasma is used to describe a passive infrared scanning process that utilises metal detectors to locate any possible sources of leakage in mobile access towers and other structures. In the past many companies employed an entire team of workers who were trained specially in Pasma detection – this was called the ‘ultimate eyes’ in the industry – but this was not necessary and the cost of training meant that most companies found it unnecessary. Nowadays there are a number of specialist companies who employ a small number of trained individuals who specialise in training and using Pasma equipment for mobile tower inspection and mobile access tower dismantling.

So what sort of training courses can you get in the industry? The first of these is a basic Pasma training course. This will cover a range of topics including the operation and installation of Pasma equipment and diagnosing common problems. It will also cover topics such as the application of plasma technology to mobile access towers and other buildings and structures, the detection of faults and leaks and how to dismantle mobile access towers safely.


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