What Are Building Inspections Tauranga?

building inspections Tauranga

As a property investor, it is very likely you have come across the term ‘building inspection’ at some point in time. Perhaps you were looking at a particular development or you were looking to hire an engineer to inspect a building that you were considering purchasing, and if so, what sort of reports did you receive on your building inspection? The term building inspection comes from the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment who actually runs the New Zealand Building Inspection Scheme (NZIBIS).


If you are a first time home buyer in Tauranga, or you have recently purchased a property in Tauranga, building inspections tauranga are an essential part of the process. An inspection report provides you with a document outlining the condition of a particular structure and also gives advice on how that particular structure can best be maintained to ensure it remains in good condition for years to come. While most properties that are subjected to building inspections end up in the council building registry, as a property investor it is important that you don’t dismiss these reports completely. A report from a reputable and professional building surveys company will provide you with valuable information that may impact upon your ability to sell your property or how you go about improving the location of your development.


In this article we looked at building inspections tauranga, and why they are a vital part of the Tauranga market. From our research it was apparent that building inspections tauranga were very useful for property investors in two ways: Firstly, the inspection report provided detailed information that the seller could not previously have had, which gave you a better opportunity to negotiate with the seller; secondly, the information provided by the report was more thorough than a buyer would traditionally obtain from a building surveyor. Building inspections tauranga tend to be more thorough than standard building surveys, as the focus is on identifying potential problems with a property before they become significant enough to warrant a building permit – not after they have already manifested themselves. So when you are considering investing in tauranga, make sure that you get to build reports from professional companies.


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