What You Need to Know About Solar Panel Installation

solar panel installation

If you’re building or installing a new solar panel installation and are not sure how much power your system is going to produce, you should start by researching your solar modules. There are several factors that will determine how many solar panels you need to buy, including your area’s energy consumption, its location, and the amount of sunlight in your area. With this information, you should be able to figure out how many solar panels you need to purchase, where you should buy them, and what size and specs you need to have in order to get the most power for your money.


How many Solar Panels do I need? As a rough estimate, a 3-watt solar module will produce about 3,600 Wh per year, depending on where you live. A 5-watt module produces about 6,200 Wh per year, and a ten-watt module can produce up to 12,200 Wh per year (based upon where your panels are located, of course). The more solar modules you have, the more power your solar panels will be producing; however, it can also mean paying more money for solar panel installation. As long as you have enough modules to cover all of your energy needs, it shouldn’t put a dent in your budget.


Where should I buy these panels? Solar panels are now widely available at most hardware stores. Some areas offer rebates, so ask your installer whether or not their installation firm offer any rebates on solar panel installation in your area. If they don’t, you may be able to find discounts online or by shopping around at other home improvement centers. Before installing solar panels on your roof, always consult a professional, as they can tell you whether or not your system is set up properly.


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