Advantages of Playing On Paddle Court Tennis

The Paddle Court is a relatively new addition to the modern game of tennis, and many players are just learning to adapt to the different style of play that it presents. One of the most notable players to come out and endorse the use of the paddle court is Andre Agassi. Though many players have heard of him and his achievements on the hard court, his first experience of playing on the paddle court is something that he intends to repeat time and again. If you are looking for a way to improve your game on the tennis court, then the paddle court may be just what you are looking for. The reason for this is that there are many advantages that can be had by adapting a system that some of the top players have used successfully in the past. Find Out –

Paddle Court – What Do Those Stats Really Mean?

The most obvious advantage of using a paddle court is that you are able to hit the ball with an open face. This is a clear advantage over other types of tennis shots, since hitting the ball with an open face allows you to use the upper part of your body and shoulders in order to direct the ball to a particular destination. However, you may also want to consider how you would react if you were to hit the ball with an open face while having someone in front of you blocking the shot. Though it may seem like a silly question to ask, it is important to know how you would feel if you hit the ball with a forehand or backhand side shot against an opponent who was positioned in front of you.

Another advantage of paddle court sports is that you can change the pace of the game quite easily. This is a big advantage over most tennis shots, since you cannot slow down when you are trying to hit the ball to get a forehand or backhand off of the table. If you have an opponent standing in front of you with a great ability to read your shots, it may be very difficult for you to actually hit the ball at all if you are trying to hit it from such a great angle. In order to keep yourself from being penalized for not being able to execute a great shot, you need to focus on making sure that you practice all of your shots from the top of the paddle point as many times as you can before actually playing on the paddle court itself.


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