Speech Therapists and Speech Pathology Services Offered by Speech Therapists in Edmonton

The following is a Speech Therapist Edmonton list of the areas of expertise: Children/Adolescents, Communicative Disorders, Generalized Anxiety Disorders, Adult, Serious Depression, Parkinson’s Disease, Dyspraxia or Movement Disorders, Sexual Dysfunctions, Memory Loss, Migraine Headache, Relationship Therapy, Social Phobia, Voice Disorders or Linguistic Diversity, and Transcultural and Multicultural Psychology. (Note: These descriptions do not include all the areas of expertise that a speech therapist could perform) And so if you are seeking help with any one of these areas of expertise, or many of them, we would be happy to help. In fact, we can give you a free initial consultation so that you have an opportunity to meet with us and get to know us, as people, on a personal level. However, if you need long-term care or skilled nursing home placement, we are only able to give you a recommendation, but we cannot guarantee it.

Therapists and Speech Pathology Services

If you are looking for a child-focused speech therapist in Edmonton and you live in or near the city of Edmonton (Richardson International), we highly recommend that you check out H&M International speech therapy in Edmonton. They provide cutting-edge, cutting-heart speech pathology services to kids and address their needs at the most comprehensive levels possible. Not only are they committed to high-quality, preventive care, they also have exciting new on-going care programs, specialty clinics, and comprehensive after-care programs for their clients. In addition to their speech pathology services for kids, H&M also provides unique and innovative special needs programs and specialty services for adults.

So what services do they offer? Their comprehensive offerings include pediatric speech disorders; speech pathologists and audiologists; speech pathology experts; hearing aids and related services; cochlear implants and related services; and much more. All of these programs and services are provided by some of the country’s best speech therapists, audiology experts, and orthodontists. If you or a loved one requires speech therapy, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals who can help you find the help you need from a professional, caring voice-language pathologist in Edmonton.


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