Septic System Service – Orange County New York

Septic system is a major component of the sewage system. The system, once implemented properly, gives us the chance to take advantage of septic system service to its fullest. Unfortunately, as time goes by and with a growing population, the process becomes a tedious task to many homeowners. Thanks to various septic system service providers like busy bee Orange County New York, a more convenient and hassle-free way of handling sewage is now available. They provide a wide range of reliable and cost-effective solutions for your septic system maintenance needs.

Septic System Service in Orange County New York

Septic system is also known as public sewers. These are connected to individual households and commercial buildings in a relatively small space. There are two kinds of septic system – the gravity-fed and the digested-septic. In a gravity-fed septic system, effluent from a pumping station, is directed into the underground pipes via gravity and later, the waste water is absorbed by the soil, which then re-condenses the sludge, making way for the discharge into a sewer system.

On the other hand, in a digested septic system, wastewater is first treated using biological processes before it is released into the soil. Then, the soil is worked and the waste water is collected in a container or underground drain system. This type of septic system service offers several advantages over gravity-fed systems. For one, the septic material is of much higher quality since it undergoes a more natural and slow process. The system also requires less maintenance and does not require frequent pumping of wastewater, which further reduces costs.


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