Accommodation Options For People Looking to Stay in Rockhampton

There are two hotels in Rockhampton, on the Queensland – Heath area, which provide guests with a comfortable base to explore the coastal region and partake in its natural attractions. The Rockhampton Hotel is a modern hotel that has a contemporary design with a range of accommodation options; its location makes it perfect for visitors who want to explore the area’s culture and landscape. On its five acres, the hotel boasts a landscaped garden and includes a large swimming pool. On its main floor is the reception and guest facilities, whilst further up towards the bedroom there is a glass-fronted conservatory overlooking the quay. The second floor of the Rockhampton Hotel features the guest rooms, which are all fully equipped with modern amenities including a flat screen television and an en-suite bathroom. Further up towards the attic there is a loft conversion, which is used by the hotel staff as a meeting room; in total, the hotel provides a friendly welcome with plenty of modern features and rooms that match the resort atmosphere.


The Queen Street Mall is a two storey-angled street located next to the Rockhampton Hotel and is renowned for its designer shops and designer food outlets. The mall also features two hotels; the Queensland – Heath offers a corner suite that is directly next to the Rockhampton Hotel which has two storey living quarters that face the Queensland Quay. The other Queensland Hotel is a hotel with two storey suites that face the quay, which has a direct access to the Rockhampton Beach Shopping Centre, the beach’s main retail outlets and the Rockhampton Pier. The Queensland Hotel also has its own car park and luxury swimming pool.


The third floor of the Rockhampton Hotel is occupied by the business centre, where the Rockhampton Peninsula Shopping Centre is situated. The mall offers a wide variety of retail outlets, including the popular Payless, Marks & Spencer, Benfield and Tesco outlets. The mall is located at the heart of the city and within walking distance of many of the primary public transportation services in the area such as the bus routes, the train stations and the ferry. If you have an extra budget that you would like to spend on something extra special then you might want to consider booking one of the centrally located restaurants inside the Rockhampton Peninsula Shopping Centre. The restaurants are generally located at the corner of Queens Street, directly opposite the Rockhampton Pier.


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